The Comments Weed-Through

Every blog owner has now come to know that a necessary chore of every blogista or blog owner is to weed through the spare comments on the blog. But the cryptic inattention to detail is confounding. When people with keywords that fit your site insist on leaving links of unrelated topics and material on still a third topic, it’s fit to cause blog rage.

I am also enraged to find that on many of my blog sites the submitted comments are argumentative and rude, as if there is any value at all to my posting this? This kind of comment is guaranteed to be deleted. So why bother leaving it? No blogger wants that kind of material on their site. How can links which are never accepted help anyone’s SEO?

Furthermore I am getting comments where blogs I have under development are being submitted. This is surprising since the posts they are writing comments to don’t exist. The blog posts they are “replying” to are listed as “coming soon”. There is no content to read or respond to.

I can only conclude that the software submission used for this type of blog comment must be verified and only these type of comments stand out. Pity the poor clients who think they are really purchasing SEO. I can also infer that these visits are intended as malicious. For some motivation of their own, submitters are using my url for target practice.

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Adsense R.I.P.?

Submitted By: Douglas Titchmarsh

Following a tip off from several usually reliable sources it has come to my attention that Adsense is dead. It would appear that if you have been making any money from Adsense you may as well give up, shut down your site and do something else instead.

Have you been feeling this way too?

So many people have Adsense products to sell, and so many are using worst case scenarios to tell you how bad it’s going to be for your site as the search engine business does what it has always done, and revises its algorithms. These doom and gloom merchants cite everything from duplicate content to the small but necessary changes the search engines make on a regular basis to avoid the spam, and keyword stuffed useless link and ad farms that arise to take advantage of their last updates.

So what do you as an Adsense website owner have to do to maintain your revenue?

Despite the views to the contrary, you need to do what you should always have been doing. Test and tune. Every sales site, lead page, and Adsense website you build should be monitored, and tested, then tuned to test some more to keep it always earning you as much as possible. When things change, it’s time to make any tweaks you need to and test again.

Most of the doom laden messages usually come with a link to some new tool, or automated software to make all new sites, and at a premium price as they promise to overcome whatever reason they are saying cause your income to drop. The truth is if you are adding quality content, and the testing and tuning, then the search engines have to keep coming back and listing your site. It’s what they live for. The problems come when you have no content, just a keyword stuffed page full of links hoping to make some money. Nobody wants to see those in a search, they are a waste of time. These are what the search engine owners are trying to filter out.

So here’s our tips, add fresh content to your websites as often as you can. Test and tune keywords, ad placements and colours etc. as you always should be doing, and finally, don’t fall for the hype, your Adsense revenue is still there, in fact you may just have less competition with all those link farms gone.

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Website Domain Inspirations

The inspiration for a great domain that hauls traffic can be traced to a specific shortfall of a certain existing website. As contrary to logic as it sounds, a domaining webmaster can bring information and news to a company’s public better than their own website. When a website tries to do to many things or be too many things, the opportunity is there for another domainer to take charge of traffic still looking for answers.

In discussing poorly made websites, I always bring up the website as an example. This is a company that is operating a website on so many functional channels outside customer service it practically has migrated its motive. There is more information and imagery on a non-product event on its home page than access to the product for its customers. That’s a web design penalty box infraction from my point of view.

Today in  Starbucks it took me 19 minutes to log in and reload my Starbucks card. I was using the Starbucks wi-fi and the Starbucks website directly from their url. But the site kept struggling to load even the login page. While I can understand why a website might take longer to load or refresh once logged in for security reasons, the continued problem made no sense.

Then I took another look at how the site was designed. The front page was dominated by a huge high definition ready-to-run video of some Chicago Art installation. What did this have to do with the price of coffee in China? Nothing. The main pain point I normally have with the Starbucks site is that when Googling for information about a location, the clickthrough lands the user at the landing page of the Starbucks site.

This is the equivalent of a website saying “Huh?”. But if I already typed in the city name and the company name and got a Google result,and then clicked on the address with the mini map of the branch I want, I should have gotten the listing, not a pathetic plea from the Starbucks organization to provide them with their own location data to get the same location data back.

This means the website the SEO data guides the user to, with Starbucks location data that is not Starbucks, is the best SEO result. That is almost a contradiction in web terms, but one that makes domainers rich. And most Starbucks store hours aren’t posted online anyway, you have to physically drive to the location and look at the chalkboard or sign to find out.

I, a customer, trying to recharge my card, waiting to spend money for the company goods, had to wait until an overloaded graphic and default page took turns struggling to render. Point of sale management of any shopping cart application will tell you that holding up the sale, freezing the customer out of the website, and alienating customer goodwill towards the brand is a no-no.

This is one example of how a company like Starbucks has lost focus on serving customers to a degree that their website cannot work because of its causes bogging down its commerce. The flow to the point of sale is usually the best of any website, and rightfully so. To have to work that hard and wait that long to do things the “Starbucks way” is ridiculous and wastes the customer’s time.

Even more irritating is the option to contact Customer Service and inform and educate Starbucks about their own pitfalls.  Shouldn’t they know? I don’t work for Starbucks and I’m sure they pay a team of developers good money for the IT responsibilities involved. Why do I get to sojourn through the un-navigable Starbucks site to let them know how bad it is?

This is an opportunity for a neighborhood site or geo name portal to find traffic. If frustrated users of Starbucks sites and ones like it could depend on neighborhood blogs and Yelpalikes to guide their dining and shopping, the online world would be a better place. Travel domains and zip code and city name associated databases can fulfill search data for a domain name site  linking resident business listings for anxious web users.

If you don’t think you’ll find traffic, just go to And wait.

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Hosting Local, Host Smart

I was browsing one of those sinister hosting forums today where everything in the domaining world seems for sale for just a few pennies. I was astonished to see requests for European hosting. These are the spaces where presumably offshore or foreign web host space is just pennies on the dollar. Evidently the small change hosting accounts can cost per month is still too much money to pay for some domainers.

There are so many problems with this it’s not even funny. Security problems aside, there is no way you can guarantee any members of your websites, let alone promise e-commerce customers any data integrity. Want to know a great way to get your identity stolen? Store a bunch of personal information and work product in “secure” servers in some unknowable foreign location. How many European data centers have you been to, anyway?

I was surprised to see people (users)  I know biting at these offers. Anyone who doesn’t see this catch-22 coming is crazy. How would you even read a Norwegian web hosting administration interface? What if the English versions bugs up? I have used foreign servers and they collapse and “forget everything” often. Do you know how to conduct a customer service call in Swedish?

I urge everyone to forgo the temptations of offshore webhosting and hidden assets. I urge every domainer to contract legitimate and single account direct payment hosting with an understood Terms of Service contract. With a reliable web hosting vendor. And I am pleading with any domainer who thinks web hosting can come at pennies and reliably earn Google revenues, there is always a catch. There is no free lunch.

If you have to lodge a service complaint, do you know who really owns the web hosting account? Because that is the only person responsible for the customer service end of what could be a very cheap reseller account. To take care of outages you will suddenly be dependent on that guy you traded a dozen bucks to one time last year for this hosting deal.

Are you willing to risk that? Just say no and walk away from dirt cheap (and probably just dirty) foreign servers flashing their wares online. Without legible guarantees and service contracts your home country can legitimize and enforce, you are flying blind without a parachute. And that is never going to make the fine people at Google or Commission Junction or Bing happy with you. Which is what you want.

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Latest SEO Tools Online

Two excellent tools to suggest for use this week, indexer and rank checker, and article submission and link back directory. Drop by and check your domains, and get the nod from

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Domain Name Trading and Speculation

I have seen a renewed interest in domain name trading lately. One word of advice from me. Before you jump in  and start buying up domain names, make sure you know what you are doing first. You can wind up losing a lot of money. Tread these waters carefully.

First let’s talk about what domain name speculation is. In very simple terms, you purchase domain names with the intention of reselling them in the hopes of making a profit. You can register a domain name for about $10 a year. Even if you’re only to turn around and sell that domain name for $20, you have made 50% profit. The idea however is to make a great deal more than that.

One of the things that you will find out quickly is that one word domain names are hard to come by. You will not be able to buy one of these domain names for $10. While you are learning domain name speculation is best to focus on turnover rather than spending a lot of money on one name domains. Once you get your feet wet, and assuming you have the available cash, this may be a consideration you want to take.

There are millions of domain names that were once registered that for whatever reason have not been renewed. There are some really good domain names to be found this way. In order to get the good ones you’ll have to be fast, As you won’t be the only one watching for these.

When buying up domain names, choose ones that are short, have no hyphens or underscores, and preferably with .com.

Once you get good at it a great deal of money can be made. You will have to be clever and fast, and be able to outsmart the competition so to speak.

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Video Name Opportunity


Looking for a tech domain name to invest in? Look at video names. There’s a reason the online video streaming market is hot right now. But it isn’t the reason you think.

In the past 5 years, websites like Hulu and have moved from hijacked video sites to main portals for overloaded network websites. These destinations now have flashing HD signs and bright mainline advertising commercials too. If you’re looking for free television content that is delivered in video, many such sites have partnered with the big broadcast networks to provide access to the vast catalogue of shows on demand.

The problem has been historically that the thin client software like that used by and Blockbuster and Netflix can’t protect the security attributes of the video files. Youtube playlists can stream a television show or entire movie that will load as you watch. Itunes claimed to do it better.

But if Youtube is the unauthorized video “ham” site, why does it load so much faster than paid subscription video download sites like Itunes? I have waited more than double the amount of airtime for Itunes to download two episodes, and the estimated wait time is 5 to 6 hours for each file. That’s after cutting the bloated HDTV version from the download cue of each ordered show.

I can access the DivX files online in one tenth the time, thank you very much.As the legal owner of these video file copies I can’t access them to watch in less then a half day? That’s not a winning app, Apple.

ABC TV has live Grey’s Anatomy video, but it only rotates a limited roster of shows.These same videos are showcased at IMDB, where people go online to check video and movie facts. But I’ve now spent a few hours downloading the Itunes update and examining my download take. It’s pathetic.

Ten hours? This is the true reason people search for video files online. They just can’t spare the time to wrestle with poorly administrated technology, no matter how big the brand is that’s vending the video wares. The keywords and tags bulk loaded into the Youtube information area isn’t a mistake.

Savvy Domainers can make a mint listing links to online video files with quizzes, surveys and sponsor ads blocking the video file access. I don’t support bit torrents but there is a profit taking opportunity in video sites of every type. These processes render profit.

Itunes’s sloppy application administration has put me in the position of looking for bootleg video online for files I’ve paid for. I just can’t wait until 2 in the morning to start watching them. Ten hours to liftoff isn’t a streaming site. It’s time for someone to walk down to the basement across town and rewind the tapes.

Using Google Video can access foreign video uploads very fast. If you can ignore the subtitles, watching “Two and a Half Men” with a Swedish laugh track ain’t so bad. Smart sourcing online media fans can access video streaming by using keywords of characters, titles, and source material.

Even the studio name or nicknames of the actors and actresses can be used sometimes as search terms. In my opinion, these licensed providers are killing their own markets with haphazard and seriously retrograde technology and customer service.  I know it’s pointless to contact Itunes customer support with any request, as I know from experience the answer will be a bunch of FAQ links from Apple and quotations of their “policy”.

Right now my computer is struggling to download two episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. When I bought them online at Itunes, Apple required first that upgrade almost a Gigabyte of upgraded software. Yet video is video. Why does my Quicktime and Itunes software need so much heavy padding?

I had to deselect Safari installation, I am still marveling how the Firefox download turned my Windows Explorer app into “Windows Explorer With no Plugins”. I get a hysterical warning every time I load Explorer now. But at least it doesn’t take ten hours.

For the above mentioned reasons, the average video search terms and results are not for lawless teens or jobless slackers, but frustrated fans and fatigued customers.  If you can spy a video name with a snap to it and a brandable short word typeable name, you could be in business.

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Don’t Forget to Ezine!

One of the most common and accessible ways to publicize a blog or website is to publish an article at and earn a backlink to your chosen url for your trouble. Making the Internet aware of the domain is the web developer’s job where SEO is concerned. But how many domainers avail themselves of the opportunity? The smart ones do. The passive-aggressive domainers don’t.

I actually know domain name owners who have never submitted a backlink who honestly believe their domains should be enjoying robust offers. My most sincere efforts at educating them fall on deaf ears. They are the aristocrats of the domain market, who never need to stop to the tricks of the trade that every domain name owner and reseller knows about.

One of the first things a potential domain name owner does when searching out name value for a possible bid is to Google or otherwise search the web for traces of PR effort. These are experts in assessing domain name values. they will be looking for sites that have a backlink to the domain named website for sale, hopefully at sites that have a topical link to the subject material indicated.

Usually a domainer has a talent in one kind of  niche where they excel at bringing a certain facet of SEO value or page rank performance to a domain name or website. they have honed doing this to a fine art, and have several licenses and memberships to the appropriate websites and forums to get others to help. What they want to know is, how can they supplement current effort to arrive at a resalable margin of profit?

Is the press aware of the website? Is content present on the site? Is there a Dmoz entry? Do backlinks with topical relationships to the keyword exist? Is there any link exchange relationship that show a commitment to elevating traffic and developing the domain name and website for accepted principles of domain value elevation? How much has the site owner or domainer who owns the name currently done beyond buying the name?

Keeping a blog or website updated with fresh and dynamic content keeps the search engines and site value estimators happy. But SEO it doesn’t do anything for PR unless the traffic flowing to the site can grab onto keyword specific content. Potential buyers need something to grab hold of and take a bite out of for further development, traffic enhancement, ad page rank growth and other name marketing options.

To enhance resale potential of a name, and not just to promote current SEO value and page rank, owners of domain names need to be actively engaged in leveling up (in gamer’s parlance) the profile of their website online. Even if the domain name only has a parked page, the domain name’s value is always in play as long as it is registered. That is a big window of opportunity.

Ezine allows articles of multiple topics to submit them for consideration and share their knowledge or particular point of view. Ongoing utility of the engine online is a shotgun in the domainer’s bag of tricks that needs to stay oiled and ready and fired regularly to really be of any use. A serious question to anyone looking to make money selling domain names is:

Do you Ezines?

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Good Internet, Bad People


The downside of the Internet is that often the few who have no scruples don’t hesitate to exploit the online sale portal network when possible. It’s an abuse of the Internet age that sales of tropical birds, protected wildlife, and substances like coral and other natural flora and fauna are vended illegally.

According to recent reports, the Internet has emerged as one of the greatest threats to rare animal and plant species, fueling the illegal wildlife trade and rare substance market. From medical uses to ornamental display, the Intenret has made it easier to buy everything from live baby lions to wine made from tiger bones.

A body of concerned conservationists and law enforcement officers made statements to the media Sunday. But for a long time the domaining community has known that rogue vendors and scammers are a  law unto themselves. Even hosting companies allow a 30-day disconnect when notified of such illegal material sales.

The Web’s impact was made clear at the meeting of the 175-nation Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, or CITES. Delegates voted overwhelmingly Sunday to ban the trade of the Kaiser’s spotted newt, which the World Wildlife Fund says has been devastated by the Internet trade. Iranian newts have been sold so volubly online their number has shrunk to one fifth its natural population(200).

“The Internet is becoming the dominant factor overall in the global trade in protected species,” he said. “There will come a time when country to country trade of large shipments between big buyers and big sellers in different countries is a thing of the past.”

What happens when a country like Japan decides to cement its economy selling bluefin tuna and Mediterranean coral? The internet becomes a portal to vend goods in a manner that defeats ecologically sound practices and methods. To think that the Internet has supported tiger farms and tiger deaths because internet vending has encouraged tiger encroachment is stunning.

The IFAW has done several surveys of illegal trade on the Web and a three-month survey in 2008 found more than 7,000 species worth $3.8 million sold on auction sites, classified ads and chat rooms, mostly in the United States but also Europe, China, Russia and Australia.Many such sites, even Ebay, can let such forbidden or illegal sales through the cracks.

Most of what is traded is illegal African ivory but the group has also found exotic birds along with rare products such as tiger-bone wine and pelts from protected species like polar bears and leopards. Such sales often take place under false labels and mislabeled import statements.

A separate 2009 survey by the group Campaign Against the Cruelty to Animals targeted the Internet trade in Ecuador, finding offers to sell live capuchin monkeys, lion cubs and ocelots. Conscientious domainers should police themselves and support a community of moral and ethical trading and move toward a community of standards which voluntarily do not cross globally established cultural and natural species protection norms.

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