Allergy Season?


Do you have a domain allergy? Domainers who acquire large numbers of domain names and even more vast hosting account resources come down with it all the time. The domainer can decide to put their best domain name on hold, or put their hosting development effort at a standstill at the very moment the site’s topicality hits the news for weeks running.

A domain allergy renders a domain owner averse to promoting, marketing or developing a website for their domain name, even some of their best ones. Fixing a domain allergy can take work but the cure must happen!

A domain allergy can be triggered by buying too many domains without implementing development plans. Many domainers get a taste for buying domains without working out any kind of development scenario.

A development plan for a website requires only a timeline and pencilled out strategy to make a site, park the domain, rent or lease it, or at least direct its traffic to an existing domain. If a domainer has ten domains sitting in registrar limbo doing “nothing”, the limited type in and lookup traffic can still be directed to the one name the domainer really wants to bleed its traffic and clicks to.

After putting in the effort to make a portal or website, continue to promote it by attaching new eyeballs to the new portal. Make sure there is a poll offering visitors an opportunity to give feedback and their opinion about your new site.

If ten domains have 90 type in visitors a year, that’s 900 unique visitors additional to your favorite target domain website. And review the poll results. Your biggest feedback could be for the website people want to see. That’s your customer based focus plan for your next website development.

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Introduction to the Domain Trade

Buying and selling of domains happens now in almost every country around the world. Anyone can buy a domain name, but legal requirements and laws suggest a legal adult is the best candidate for a domain occupation. Tutorials, videos, seminars, white papers, and websites devoted to the buying and selling of domain names, content, and websites are online in every language. The formal use of a domain name is to frame a website, but the commodity of a domains for future resales is a thriving industry.

There is a variety of uses for a domain name as a sales entity. A domain name can be an embryonic brand or product, or a location and online destination. One strategy to make money selling domains is to leverage value from domain ownership is to concentrate domain ownership in critical TLD suffixes. Advanced knowledge of computer code and software is not required at all to buy as many domains as desired.These domain properties are secured inside an online account with a password and user name for buyer privacy. However, business norms for domainers make the registration data available to researchers online unless buyers purchase additional privacy safeguards.

The owner of a keyword domain with a high generic value and an extant page rank may want to offer the dot com, dot org, and dot net as a package, which offers top first-pass domain management without competitors trying to hijack traffic away from a launch effort or website promotion. Comprehension of domain name commerce terms and trading advice can be obtained by participation in online forums and trade shows worldwide

Domain names can be very affordable to collect. The price of any domain name in a dot-com theater of commerce is a range from five to fifteen dollars depending on the registrar, or licensed vendor. Dictionary names are generic domains which are assumed to be salable in any language. But trademark checking and language translation can introduce less risk to these investments. Copyright lawsuits can overturn ownership of established brands and trademarks, even from other countries.

As with every investment idea, financial risk can become a hazard. Domainers should survey the likely market and historic high auctions sales for similar names before investment four figures or more. Another strategy is to invest in keyword domains of emerging technologies, popular hobbies, and occupational or trade product sites which are very specific but offer an advantage to visitors. This might be via a coaching video, an explanatory essay, or images directed at ease of use or performance improvement.

The blueprint for any domain value growth model should be a business plan for launching a website. Many domain owners also refer their domain urls to parked pages for link revenue derived from bulk volumes of visitors.

There is an etiquette for making and withdrawing domain offers, and an accepted community and marketplace for such transactions. Disputes concerning domain name ownership, illegal domain name transfers, copyright violations, trademark jumping, and fraud are governed by accepted policies per the name registrar and web hosting company where a site or domain name is hosted online. Email communications and legal escrow processes can be required for large value domains, and auction companies online dealing in domain name sales charge a percentage fee and a transaction fee for these services.

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The Modern Webmaster

The worst thing that can happen when a webmaster gets presented with a new project is to find that the client has already chosen the web hosting plan. This is because many website clients decide on a web hosting plan before seeing the site take shape. This is an error which can cost a project personnel, energy, time, and vital resources to correct.

The needs of a website change with template selection, affiliate program installation, open source application integration, and email and newsletter incorporation. The web hosting interface is the starting point for every administrative task. Web hosting choice should not always be determined by cost, however. But variable offerings can now eliminate sheer cost as a concern and drive the web hosting decision by the attributes it offers for HTML publishing and web project planning.

But whereas a neighborhood race driver knows the best shops to get parts at, the race car owner may insist on flashy parts, unneeded additions to the interior, and extensive add-ons. A webmaster can work with managerial choices of others, but where web hosting is concerned, the entire health of a website and its marketing campaign can hang in the balance.

Webmasters are clients of multiple web hosting companies at the same time. The ease of use of any web hosting plan carries the webmaster further in ever optimization goal. But often the we hosting plan of a new website must span the skills of all parties involved working on the site.

The orientation of the vertical elements, banner placement, and menu items can be a reflection of the power of a web hosting company. The synchronization of the email, the coordination of the domain name,  and the response time of page requests must be bundled in a price sensitive package.

One of the most common web hosting plans I suggest to new clients is the Godaddy economy plan. This can bundled with a domain name for a budget $1.99 domain name purchase with three months of development breathing room.

This menu can be dictated over the phone after a time, due to familiarity over the phone without reference to the website for clients and guest bloggers. Complex and unfamiliar pathways to a website or domain name manager are never a good sign with a web hosting purchase.

When GoDaddy publishes in semi-annual and holiday discount domain codes, it can be a great bundled bargain to obtain multiple TLD domains of the same base domain word company or brand. Occasionally subdomains and sub-TLD names can serve the website better than a compromised domain name choice.

The periodic discount option to obtain privacy services can be invaluable when managing a domain portfolio, vending a domain offer, and/or establishing SEO. Privacy is also of use without penetration of the public, hackers, and potential vendors to your home or business.

Email, SEO vouchers, and optional open source applications can provide much more web hosting capability than most websites need, at a bargain price. Keeping an eye on the online forums for current coupons, offers and deals can leverage even more value from a discount web hosting plan. Getting the most attributes suitable to the website project is the best served goal.

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Domaining on a Plane

OK, so you’re getting on the plane and they bump you to first class, and you find yourself sitting next to the game changer of all time in the finance/media/Internet industry. Now is the time for thinking on your feet and getting lightning to strike. One problem: You forget to get through all those domain industry books sitting on your shelf in the office. How can you talk about the Internet unless yo are up to speed on the latest workings?

You better word up, or you’ll get tossed back to coach. You’re going to need some talking points. You couldn’t get a meeting with this person if you tried, and it’s by slim chance they are flying commercial.

If you can package your good idea for a website app, domain, and service into an elevator pitch delivery over fluffy pillows and extended armrests, you could talking angel investor or IPO after hitting the altitude. Here is a quick cheat sheet to reference to make sure you don’t miss $25,000 to $250,000 of investment capital by using the wrong word. Get your terms straight in 5 minutes of cribbing in the cab.

1. Domain Parking

Domain names were originally only purchased if an individual or a company had an idea for a website or a company. This was a natural response to the birth of the Internet. Seekers of copyright protection and preservation of trademark rights hunted their domain names right away, mostly in the dotcom markets. Many lawsuits resulted from this. Trespassers on another person or company’s domain name was called squatting, and domain squatters made a lot of profit before the laws and legalities got ironed out.

Some feared there was a finite limit to what domains could be offered. But as it happened, facility with the Internet and currency markets prompted exploitation of a domain name as an investment. Web hosting companies that furnish web space online for website quickly got into the act. They offer partnership and bonus incentives that allow the registrar or web host to position their own ads and content on a parking page. This offends website purists, who think all domains should resolve to a site.

2. The URL

The URL is the actual website address, the Uniform Resource Locator, tells browsers where to go to find the pertinent files. These files are online at the web hosting company. The content of thee files is organized by a webmaster. The files are composed of HTML and PhP scripts. HTML 5 is the emerging published standard of global web authoring.

3. Domain TLD’s

The suffix that comes after the domain name text and the period or country code delimitor. These started out as a very limited domain name offering model and was usually restricted to businesses doing business in the same countries as the ccTLD, or country code TLD. many Internet speculators transformed extant country TLDS for promotional and marketing reasons, having bought the rights to do so from the countries and governments. The most important value is usually assigned for any domain name to the TLD, the top level domain. But emerging markets in other codes, such as .co, .me, .mobi, and others sparked splinter markets in domaining.

4. Dot X-X-X

This issue of the adult porn domain subTLD as a Top Level Domain is a big issue in the world of domaining. While some investors believe it will be the same kind of market, other speculators question the viability of a intersection of domaining with the adult pornography r adult commerce markets. Adult sites are generally moneymakers for the webmasters, but the ethics and moral fiber of such caliber of industry partners makes some domainers squeamish.


ICANN is the big bad boogeyman of the domain industry. Formed in the early stages of 1994-1996-1998 and operating in varying stages of effectiveness and actual authority, ICANN has grown to be a problematic and overly bureaucratic thorn in the sides of many domain namers. This body is made up of officials who govern discussions of commerce online that become legal global domain business practices. The domaining body of investors, traders, and businesses dealing in domain sales and hosting operate in accord with this body.

6. GoDaddy

Robert (Bob) Parsons is either a harmless blowhard, a brilliant media icon for domaining, or the General manager of the FORD/GM/American Motors of the Internet. Overly complicated, possible profitable, originators of countless schemes, programs, and ad campaigns, Godaddy is a domain industry emblem of how public relations, self-promotion, and Internet commerce merge. GoDaddy currently leads the market in domains sales, a hefty percentage of which are renewals and coupon code actuated.


In the new climate if increasingly strident legal attacks for trademark rights and copyright preservation,WIPO is setting the arbitration standard for disputed domain names. The complex branding. marketing and promotion practices worldwide now play an important role in evaluating whether an individual or company has exploited the legally registered copyright or trademark of another legal party.


This is also the way that disputed domain cases are handed, via an UDRP lawsuits. The WIPO arbitration is generally where the court will award the final word on the verdict.

9. SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the most hyped, over used term in the English language. When monetizing a domain, a owner or webmaster will attach dollar values to web traffic. These are measured via clicks, clicks into the website, or hits from links on other websites. SEO value heightens a domains name’s value. Domain value estimation sites litter the web, but very few of them actually cement a domain’s value.

10. SEDO

The ranking domain auction house, SEDO is an index of where a domain stands. SEDO operates as a main clearinghouse for domains under every TLD. Few TLDs are exotic and sold elsewhere online. ICANN licenses some registrars to sell CTLD’s exclusively. Domains sell as a droplisted (expired) name, or from negotiations from an active domain auction, or an offer to buy or sell domains.

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Keyword Combo Grey Area


Tired of looking to Google, Yahoo and others for qualified search results? Hard to believe as it is, there are still Google searches than come back…empty. These are opportunities. Domainers are constantly looking for opportunities. Curling the ball over home base is the challenge. Using a name to create and draw traffic is a domaining varsity sport.

Opportunities to define the terms with a website make SEO results. These will draw all traffic because you yourself have established the primary web source authoring the terms and the information coordinated with it. Being the top Google result or only Google result is pay dirt for domainers.  Yet astonishingly many domainers strive to make their sites look like carbon copies of others in deeply entrenched topic categories.

Finding unique terms for the keyword combination is an exceptional way to draw traffic. One such word might be “murse”, a slang term for man-purse. Attach a keyword word part like -store, -shop, and/or “TV” and you’ve got a domain.,, and combined keyword domain names are taken. I checked. But many of the pages were simple landing pages or parked hosting company template parking pages.

There is a SEO discoverability opportunity in the YouTube search engine. Finding unique SEO phrases and providing content to match up with them is the Holy Grail of domaining. Establishing the website behind an appropriate domain name is half the fun. Doing it ahead of the competitors in the domain world is grabbing the brass ring.

Architecture of the site plan should exploit every option to group keywords with content. Images of generic items that match TV show keywords can dramatically enhance the SEO profile of any such video based product website. And succeeding seasons of the television show showing on TV and being released on DVD around the world drive traffic cyclically.

Value can be found in surprising places, like mushrooming Indian peppers for weapons and newfound Google independence in China.  But lightweight sites can have poor “nutrition value”. A truly discoverable website has content as appealing as twice-fried cherry pie and stickiness to match. Gold nuggets of delectable content should be waiting for visitors.

Time to take the video opportunity to the next level. I’ve had some questions and comments regarding my Grey’s Anatomy entry and would like to expand on some of the ideas expressed there. But any TV show or domain name can draw users and visitors likely to click ads and links. Their extended reading time will make SEO bots record your site as an authority.

There is a gold mine of search engine discoverability for domainers willing to follow the steps and establish key points of internet authority on certain topics. Identifying some key elements in the domain development cycle can exploit searches for users wanting new content enjoyment. Grey’s Anatomy is merely one avenue to try for a domain destination that will bring international traffic.

Video clips of popular television shows are one of the most searched items online. Episode capsules and a detailed analysis speak to hardcore fans dying to know what their favorite characters did and then what happened next. Grey’s Anatomy is universes sexier than lithium ion electric batteries and healthcare regulation. Let them know what happened.

Escapism from recession and difficult financial times mean SEO results for things like video entertainment (that is accessible immediately online) are through the roof. Consider optimizing all video tags and links and images with buzzwords from the shows to get visits from fans.

Keyword combinations at YouTube yield favorite fanvids. But you can watch 300 versions of the same episode of Grey’s Anatomy but only the 300th will have that missing extra scene that makes all of the rest pay off. Buying the episodes on iTunes is easier when buyers know what’s in the episode they want. By providing a text assist, the browser can find the episode details for the proper episode.

Fans know the best scenes and search for them again and again. But for any show, by providing a resource to review episode content is easy. And for consumers looking to buy key episodes featuring their favorite characters, this makes a website a bookmark to refer to again and again.

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Website Work Explained

toolboxThe purposeful promotion of a domain name via a website takes work. When the domain investment nears payoff, the website has been completed. This is the end of the road. The next step is to prepare a price estimate for sale. This is when the mining of stats and the reporting of tracked links can be used to derive a auction price or private sale price for the domain name.

Then notifications, listings, and threads in domain forums occur for the creative marketing of the domain name to a motivated buyer for a resale. In the best case scenario, the added value and utility of the web directory and the hits recorded for the current content will combine to form a potent and re-usable entity for further website success and profit creation.

The road to a profitable website and url resale might be said to require a static amount of work. But the domain name professional grooms multiple websites at once for best results. These efforts  make the webmaster look to find ways to minimize effort on the promotion side and maximize return on the advertising and click through side.

Any way that a webmaster can create marketable effort and interest online for potential visitors will return value. A website can sell a product or an idea, or guide other visitors to follow. A visitor can enjoy cartoons, witty snippets, or download documents and files. The experience is what they remember.

If the keywords and topics for the websites are congruent and/or similar the multiplicity of the submission effort for links and articles becomes streamlined. One the quickest ways to get a blog degraded in value via the comment analysis tool is to include comments that are spam. The comments from visitors with return urls and trackback site destinations with similar keywords are ideal. But this practice does not always operate within acceptably realistic usage parameters.

Is it likely that a person looking to promote their blog or website will be looking at blogs or websites with topical subjects, articles and images not related to their own website content? Of course! Posts by other webmasters visiting your website are surgical strikes at your SEO ranking. But that link can’t post back to new content that never gets created! Website work keeps new posts churning. Sequence the article publication using the calendar.

Your site has to offer something or it will miss out on a big type of web promotion. Site reviews are generated by the quality of an experience a web user has at a particular site. Positive or negative rankings still build buzz and SEO value for a website. Even product reviews of vaguely related gadgets give researchers and consumers a reason to find your site and check it out.

Many online sites function as repositories where the reviews can be optimized for SEO discoverability eternal to your site. Website work accomplishes this pursuant to a strategy. But the reference url will link directly to your site.  The top page must be integrated with the site plan. What will the bots see?

Bots scrub a site for indexed content including image tags, titles, code names and database titles. Content doesn’t have to be bombastic and long winded text blocks (ahem) but can be cartoons, humorous snippets, reactions to industry news and coverage of industry and topical events.

Webmasters who say they have no times  for their abandoned blog are lying. Copying and pasting a news article with one or two introductory sentences, replying to a couple comments, and putting in one link in the web link area takes 5 minutes. No updated posts for months means the blog owner wouldn’t or didn’t take 5 minutes on any one day to improve their site. Website work requires some time at least once a week.

Referencing responsibly is another key concept many bloggers and webmasters miss out on. If there is a story, blurb, or post about an individual or an organization, make sure to include somewhere in the text the personal or corporate website for that individual or organization. Don’t like the source item? Find the press release or original link it was written from and do it better!

Website work included upgrading graphics, link building, article submission, evangelizing, forum posting, and more. Writing new content, gathering news and information, and reviewing other sites for tips and tricks enables a competent webmaster to optimize their site for SEO analysis and visitor perusal. With ads to choose, an audience to build, and complete freedom to design the website, a webmaster’s work is never done.

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Make your Domain Name Choice

Simple suggestions here.

The first thing you need to do if you plan on building a website is to choose a domain name. The domain name is what people type into their browser to find your website. It will look something like: You want your domain name to be something that is directly related to what you have to offer on your site.

The .com at the end of the domain is the most popular. Some people don’t realize that there are other choices. You could have a .org (organizations), .gov (government departments), .net (intended for Internet service providers), .edu (educational institutions), or .biz (for companies). There are other names that are lesser known, but we will not bother exploring these right now. In addition, each country also has its own code. The United Kingdom has .uk, Australia has .au, and so on. The list of country codes is hundreds.

With the .com names being so popular, there are not a lot of good ones left. Because of the shortage of good .com names, you may be tempted to choose a domain name other than the .com. However, it is still preferred to have a .com. The .com names have the most prestige and are better all around.

Coming up with a good .com name can at times be a little frustrating. It seems that no matter what you type in, it is already taken. There are people who constantly watch for domain names. As soon as they become available they grab them up. This is especially true for single word domain names. Your best option is to come up with a name that has two or three words that describe your website. If your goal is to get ranked highly in the search engines, and we all do, try to imagine what your customers might type into the search engines to find you. This will require a little keyword research to find out what your customers are typing in to find the products or services you will be offering. If the obvious search term is already taken, you might try adding a word in front of the domain name or at the end.

Once you have come up with three or four descriptive phrases, it’s time to go to the domain registration service. There are plenty out there, is one of my favorite, but there are many to choose from. You can now type in your phrase to see if it is available. If you are very lucky, you will get exactly what you want. But chances are you will have to try several searches. Once you have found your domain name, you can then register the name. You are now the proud owner of a domain name and a virtual real estate.

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Are you confused by DNS?

To me the term “top level domain” seems confusing as the top level of the domain is actually the part after the dot. Most people are familiar with the top level domain of .com. But there are many others. For example, .com, .net, .gov, .edu, and so on.

The whole domain name system (DNS) can be confusing to many. It is a naming system for computers, or any nod connected to the internet, including such things as printers. If it where not for DNS, we would be typing in numbers for our domain names. Imagine trying to remember the numbers to all your favorite websites.

Top level domains are the responsibility of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). They are responsible for assigning organizations to maintain the DNS top level domains. They are a non profit organization that was founded on September 18th of 1998. Not so old really.

They are also responsible for many other tasks. Before these duties fell on the shoulders of ICANN, the job belonged to the U.S. Government. The other tasks that are assigned to ICANN include such things as [internet protocol, country code, root server system management, address space allocation, and many other functions.

Basically ICANN preserves the continuing stability of the internet.

Give me your feedback if so inclined. We appreciate it.

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Google Hacks For Domainers

One website domainers need to get nice and friendly with is Google. There is no more important website in the world to domain name traders and webmasters than Google. The trials and tribulations of how Google attained internet market dominance is a moot point. The fact remains that in today’s domain name market nobody can afford to do without Google tools, hacks and SEO optimization maxims.

But so many domainers skip very important Google tools and heightening SEO rules when composing their websites. The inclusions of tags on images, the use of alternate text, the proofing of the website on cross browser versions are only some examples. Ranking algorthythms operate on so many lines a webmaster practically has to be a wizard to master them all.

Submission to Google itself is a step many webmasters skip. The signing up for ad codes does not always equal full categorization in the Google universe. Page directories and indices of certain types of sites are also included in the Google page ranking index. But so many webmasters forget this and think that one Google ad submission equals total Google bot exposure. Such is not the case.

It’s not enough just to have Google adsense. There should be a Google map and many diverse types of sits tying in notices and links to the source site. Without decent attempts at development and distribution or related and topical material online, no SEO game plan can be considered worthwhile. The marketing plan must include all the facets of Google, not just the Adsense code inclusion in site HTML.

The SEO optimization wars claim many website casualties. This can be in part due to the fact that over ambitious domain name owners aim for the top hundredths or thousandth of their category without any game plan. Without a search engine result growth plan there is no basis to tie expectations to.

Google shows the way just by returning search results for terms. What kind of site is the result made of? What type of text is the key term noted from? What spiders and bots are scrubbing your page daily? The site absorbs all these data points. Feeds by themselves might be “light”, but together with an integrated hybrid of original content and text the seo value is there.

A type of snobbery can pervade the world of webmasters and domain name owners. News scrapes and press release rewrites are not “good enough” for these webmasters who need premium content or nothing. Yet these same webmasters can barely churn out 200 words a day! Investigating the way Google displays search results can show new domain name owners and seo-minded webmasters the path to seo greatness.

Any Google search will show that millions of different types of sites and keyword instances can feed into a search engine result that produces that website or a page on that website. The gateway to internet success making websites and promoting domain names is interpreting what Google is doing. Finding the threads are available for free at

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Nursing Domains

You can teach an old domain new tricks. Many years ago I had the opportunity to bid on some strategic ” nurse” names, domain names having to do with nursing and having NURS as part of the domain name morphology. But as the way of so many domainers the portfolio has thinned over the years.

One way the landscape of the domain world is changing is that development is hardly the shrug-and-begone effort it once was. Today free open source applications sturdy enough to hold thousands of viewers logged on are available for free, when in the early dawn of hosting and domaining immense investments n programming and coding and design were required.

Currently also video hosting and technology for mobile and voice applications spur new development for domains ideas that were once unaffordable pie in the sky. These names tended to sit in the “renew without review” pile for many years. After a while these names ran together in my mind and excessive spreadsheets were needed to organize them.

Many years ago I went through a names acquisition phase where many different types of domains were purchased as part of various trends. Each domainer follows their own drummer and where domain buying is involved the beat can get hot and heavy. The dispersal of them was painful like children at railway station partings.

One of these was a nursing name, a domain name having to do with the nursing field. Professional domains and the inevitable websites to follow were thought to be gold rush domains at the start of the Internet. Nursing is  hot occupational trend right now, as many private and public institutions know well. The publishing arm of the nursing and medical fields is a money maker, as those thick heavy nursing books cost big bucks.

Nursing was one of many domain trends hot a few years back, but just try finding one name with Nurse in it on a portfolio site of domains available name forum. I tried and came away with no results, even from portfolio name holders who had scads of names in the closet doing nothing. I happen to know that many nursing names I looked up and found available would have easily been in the $500 range five years ago.

I kind of wanted my old name back. Many of my names at that time operated from sort of keyword blend of important general tag nouns and trendy suffixes. I sold it later, wishing I had some ideas about how to develop it. At the time I didn’t personally know any nurses. Today my (former) domain name is parked and immobile, owned by someone who wouldn’t even answer my bid email.

That was then, this is now. I do know some nursing students and professional nurses now, and after hearing their stories I have decided to launch a nursing preparation site for individuals studying to be nurses or nurses with ongoing study responsibilities. A former black hole in my personal text writing knowledge base has been filled. I can know write some credible text for at least a minisite.

What is the potential audience for such a site? The impetus is on nursing students to master a huge amount of material and my site will service research requests for general and focused nursing information. But the viewer demographic doesn’t end there. Medical treatment lookups and general public searches for diseases and emergency treatment can populate the traffic graphs too.

Watch this space for development updates and traffic reports. And don’t ever give up on a concept you feel can make money. Some domains hold that old maxim true,  “You only go around once”. But sometimes, online, in the domain name and website development market, you can go around a second time. And it’s a hoot.

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