Domain Revenue Pathways

As I surfed YouTube today,  I realized most of the precursor advertising videos leading into my chosen Tubes were identified by domain name brands/company names.  It is now officially sanctioned that a domain is a destination experience, like a television show or movie screening, yet more instantly accessible. This was the outcome of a domain name purchase.

This should not have been a shock, but I realize what a far cry the web had come from the day when people had to be educated about the way domain names work. Seeing the blithe application of a video commercial segment produced strictly to promote traffic to a domain shows the transformation of the web into its own self-marketing instrument.

Granted, not every company or domainer can afford to pay YouTube advertising or affiliate promotion costs, but the rising popularity of hosted video sites and lead in video sponsors gives every domainer hope that with self produced video the possibilities for marketing are endless. The matching of likely business names for urls with popular YouTube watching habits should be obvious.

YouTube creates it own market for domains. For domainers who hesitate to commit to any of the known invention niches and established domain markets, this gives food for thought. The popular types of YouTube videos fall into several recognizable categories. These are generally product promotion, How-To videos, entertainment or movie or broadcast product uploads, fan videos, and “infomercials”.

At YouTube the line between these category niches are fantastically blurred. A product video can seem like an infomercial but be produced like a music video. Fan videos can be made to look like “unreleased’ feature films. Promotional material can seem hokey yet effective. The SEO of Youtube material is high. Discoverability for a product or keyword topic in the video category for search engine results if very good.

The range of quality ca be high definition pro edit values or PowerPoint slides superimposed on a black field. This means any level video producer for any domain remains competitve and viable as their own content producer. Uploading videos on YouTube is very simple and allows SEO keyword addition right into the mix. Thus the beginner can start advancing their SEO results with any YouTube entries or efforts at domain marketing.

By using rudimentary through advanced level video and slide presentation formats, a video commercial for any domain can find its way to new online viewers and Web travelers. Humorous, faux dramatic, text- based, audio narrated, and classic commercials as well as coaching videos and instructional material can now be broadcast to potential buyers, visitors, and users free of charge. Only operator disinterest caps the opportunity.

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Spamming the Search Engines

Search engines are used to find content that is relevant to the searcher. The search engines do their best to deliver relevant content. They are always trying to improve their services. It is a never ending task for them to try to find ways to eliminate spamming of their services. Unethical search engine optimization techniques are used to improve page rank by abusing and by understanding search engine algorithms. Spammers will try to make it appear that the content is relevant, but when the visitor lands on the page they will find anything but what they were looking for.

If you are having trouble getting to the top of the search engines for your keywords, you may find it tempting to use unethical techniques to improve your ranking. Tricking the search engines is not the answer. Though this method may bring immediate benefits, it is only temporary, as the search engines will discover these unethical tactics.

There are even SEO services who will use unethical methods without your knowledge or consent. It is important to understand the difference between white hat and black hat SEO when hiring experts. You would not want to get blacklisted by Google and the other major search engines because you were not aware of the methods being used on your website.

If you are not getting the visitors that you need to make a profit to your website through organic search, consider using pay per click advertising to obtain immediate results.

Unethical marketers are coming up with new techniques for spamming the search engines every day. Some of these techniques are more effective than others. Some of these techniques include keyword stuffing, cloaking, and small or hidden text.

Search engine spam is considered any method that is used to trick the search engines to get better search engine ranking. Google does not hold back when it comes to search engine spam. When they discover one of these sites they immediately de-index it. It is important to know the difference between ethical and unethical search engine optimization techniques. The best way to learn what is allowed and not allowed is to familiarize yourself with Google guidelines and policies, along with the other major search engines. Keep in mind that these policies do change from time to time, so it is imperative to keep up to date.

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Guerrilla Domain Marketing Quiz


Want more money from your domain investment? Want more money return for your time and resources expended? Check this list to see what promotion points and marketing tactics you’re passing by. if you have not done 20% of these domain marketing activities, you fail the domain marketing derby.

1. Free Giveaways

If you have any promotional savvy at all, you know that your clever domain name or site can be repeatedly advertised by a smartly positioned mouse pad, (physical) bookmark, company lunchroom refrigerator magnet, or customized post-its. Get cracking on a giveaway event that will draw massive traffic, clicks,  signups and member posts. Post this event like mad everywhere.

2. Press Releases

Any domainer who is looking for site revenue without a press release in at least two languages goes in the penalty box. Press release submission engines and marketing assistance to write them is all over the web. Press release directories can’t include your site url if …(wait for it)…you don’t craft a press release in the first place. Distribute it here.

3. Daily Original Content

Seems like a no-brainer but there are still outlaw domain name  professionals trying to flame and game their tame name values. They know better, and so do onlookers. Seriously thought out strategies include information, coaching, reviews, new information and up to date briefs about important topical subjects. Map out categories and get them populated with text.

4. Custom Images and Avatars

Think about your last five image searches on Google. Your results were most likely a choppy result of sloppy tagging, greedy index word inclusion for images that did not match your subject matter (but the text of the image at the target site did), and random word associations the bots thought might make you happy. Live linked custom avatars and search results leading to your site are a win win win strategy for domainers promoting a destination url.

5. MultiLingual Content

People speak more than one language. They may even speak many languages at once. They may even read many languages and use them online. For this reason having a section of your website in another language can maximize the SEO profile and enhance discoverability across international datelines. Making the stuff is easy. Your site might be 780,768th in English but 345th in Czechsolavakia!

6. Crafting a Tagged Database

Database formation happens when a user starts a blog or an online portal using a database driven content application. Resales of database versions for domainers are a huge developing market. Yet the buyer will want tagged content in the right places for his purchase. This is where categories and tags come in. Don’t skimp on the details and when the site dismantling needs to take place a profit opportunity will mature.

7. Webcast

A webcast is basically a video or audio conference taped or recorded for suture listeners. Current webcast audiences listen to daily indexed RSS feeds. but they can also hunt for aging audio content. Online browsers use the Internet for education every day. Learning for free has great appeal and video or audio has limitless potential due to its lack of qualifying viewing requirements. Issue at least one informative audio recording if only for sight or aurally challenged web visitors.

8. A Video Presence

Does your website have even one (1) Youtube showcasing original content, reporting, opinion or news online? Any how-to slideshows, any concept based lectures? Anything on any video site with keywords and a url linking topical subject terms back to your destination website?

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Why a Domainer

A domainer is someone who buys and sells domain names for a profit. Buying and reselling domain names can be a lucrative revenue stream for those who would like to work from home. Think of buying a specific domain name as an investment. The value of the domain is all about the name.

The trick to making a profit flipping domains is to buy low and sell high. You can either acquire new domains or existing domains.

Domainers that buy old domains and resell them usually use automated applications allowing them to enter in certain criteria to help them search quickly. For example you can do a search on the WHOIS server and filter your results by keywords, search volume on those keywords and so on.

Choosing a keyword rich domain name with high search volume and low competition is important as Google will rank these websites quickly for that particular keyword. The more valuable the keywords the more valuable the domain name will be.

If you want to buy new domain names you will need to do a little keyword research There are plenty of free keyword research tools out there that you can use to find profitable keywords that have high search volume and low competition. This is very easy to do as the internet is an untapped gold mine! Choosing the right keywords is essential to the value of the domain name.

If you think you have found an excellent keyword phrase for your domain and the name is already taken don’t worry, you can easily add on one extra word to either the front of the name or to the end. For example, you want the keyword “chicken coop plans” but it is already taken. You can simply add on the word “easy” creating the name “easy chicken coop plans”. I have not yet had a problem using this technique to get a domain name with the keywords that I want.

Try not to get to attached to your domain names. Sometimes we buy a domain name and want to hold onto it just because we like the name. When a bid comes in for your favorite domain name go ahead and sell it.

Getting into domaining requires a small amount of money. Each domain name will cost you around $10. As you build up your capital you will be able to build your domain portfolio.

You can optimize your parked domains for profit until a bid comes in that you are satisfied with. Adding content and advertising directly to your parked domain will not cost you any money. In the mean time as people land on your page you can make a little extra income if they click on the advertisements.

So why a domainer?

-Being able to work from home or create extra income

-Setting your own hours

-Buying a domain name will cost you under $10. You can then resell it for several hundred. Quite a profit!

-Parked domains waiting to be sold and containing pay-per-click adds will generate profit

The key to success is keeping up on industry news. Keep your self educated by learning from the success and failures of others. Look for forums with an active group of domainers that often share their success and failures. You will learn a lot this way.

If you are willing to do the research, planning and investing you can make a great deal of money.

Keep in mind that no one article can cover even the basics of this topic. I recommend that you keep informed of domain investing information as you would do in any career.

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Chile Con Earthquake


The architectural lasagna that is now Chile after a massive earthquake has given the spur to domainers grabbing Chile and geo names for that region. Spurred by the recent experience of the Haiti disaster, domainers can buy a name and route traffic or lease the url and forward it to legitimate sites covering Chilean recovery or information and news sites.

The Chile quake was initially reported as 8.3 but may have been as high as 8.8 on the Richter scale. The death toll for Chile is still in the triple digits and searchers are attempting to liberate any trapped survivors.

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Easy Do Adsense

If you want to profit using AdSense you need to have a website. The good news is that it has never been easier to build a website than it is today. Choosing a domain name will probably be the most challenging thing for you, as all the good names seem to be gone.

Awesome Backend Monetization Tool

Building the content for you site can be a lot of fun if you are passionate about your topic. If this is your first site, I recommend choosing a topic that you like and are very passionate about so that you find it easy to write content and articles.

Choosing A Domain Name

Before you start building a website you will need to choose a domain name. This is not as easy as it once was. Good luck finding exactly what you want, but it can be done. There are a lot of websites out there that can help you brainstorm a good domain name. You simply type in the desired name, and if it is already taken it will spit back some closely related ideas for you to choose from. If you are still unable to find exactly what you want, you still have options. There are websites out there that buy up domain names and resell them. Chances are you will be able to find a good one on one of these sites. The bad news it that you will have to pay anywhere from $50 to $50,000 or more for them. But before you spend lots of money on a domain name, ask yourself if there is another way you can come up with a domain name for less money that will still get you extra traffic. Chances are if you brainstorm, you can come up with a better alternative than paying a lot for one.

Building a Website

Building a website has never been easier. There are several programs out there that can help you do this. It is helpful to know a little HTML and maybe a little CSS. If you don’t, not to worry, you can use something as simple as WordPress, which is free, to get your site up and running. WordPress is one of my favorites, as it is so easy to set up and there are a ton of plugins that you can use to help make your site search engine friendly. WordPress, being a blog posting platform enables you to add content easily as often as you like. The search engines love fresh content. Especially if you add it in a couple times a week.

If you decide that you do not want to create a site using a blogging platform and you don’t want to take the time to learn any HTML, you can always hire a freelancer to build the site for you. There are many sites that allow you to place a job up for bid to have a site built for you. Just make sure you check the feedback of the person before you choose the lowest bidder for your project.

Creating Content

The meat of the site, content! It is the content that you add to your site that is going to drive traffic and make you money. The ads that appear on your site will be determined by the content you display on your web pages. This is what makes making money with AdSense so easy. The ads are relevant to the content on your site. People click on these ads for just that reason, they are relevant to what they are looking for. As for coming up with content for your site, you can either write it yourself or hire a ghost writer to do this for you. You may want to start out writing the content yourself, and as you site revenue grows, pay someone to do this.

Making money with AdSense can be very exciting as you watch your income slowly grow. You can literally make money while you are sleeping. Finding a domain name that you are satisfied with may take a little doing, but with a bit of thought you can still come up with some good domain names that are available. Creating the website is probably one of the easiest steps and can be fun. There are a ton of programs out there that make this step easy for you. Once you have your website built, you just need to write up content for you site and you are ready to go. Just remember that the more traffic you can drive to your site, the more potential money you can make.

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TV Sites: Recipe for Click Success

Think you are too right-angled to forge a TV site? The days of cheesy, gray area TV links and download fears are past. This is not a niche site concept, this is the site everybody and their brother will visit. And Emmy awards traffic could be driving users to your site right now. As the big awards show comes up on the calendar for the best in television programming acting directing and production, savvy viewers want to catch details they missed.

TV sites promote themselves, but even business cards can get passed out on the train bus or wherever you have lunch. What’s the most likely thing you will be talking about people can overhear? When people ask you what show you are talking about, tell them what site you found the information on. Give them a card. No kidding just yesterday two different people wanted to know what TV sites I wrote blogs for. Yes, Virginia, they will come.

Make sure you provide formats for end users looking for TV new and updates. Visitors today are using whatever is nearest when they overhear a conversation or see a Facebook entry about a TV show. Facebook has even expanded its pages to allow a personal blog page for a Facebook group to follow a specific TV show. As everyone knows by know, a website without a social media adjunct isn’t worth anything.

Use are looking for information and discussion about their favorite TV show and the characters as well as the latest happenings. They are using laptop, desktop, tablet, cellphone and Iphones for information. The way to capitalize best is to launch right now. I would be willing to cut my rates in half for a TV site client, it’s that easy to write for. And the payoffs during international searches are to die for. Just keeping a running blog people can Twitter during the Emmy show is real, viral content.

Today the SEO value of any TV site is now is huge with potential. The person who collects the most updated information is the winner of the public’s never-say-die taste for new television related content. The only websites more frequently visited right now than TV sites are gaming sites. And when TV and game site visitor niches interconnect, you’ve got statistics gold.

If you have a TV name in your domain portfolio and you are not developing it right this second, shame on you. Time to roll up your sleeves and get out the hostings passwords because this is the time to make a website about TV shows like there never has been before. Provide some HD video options, connect the site search tools, and rewrite the title bars and you’re already haflway there. Start linking up new streaming site links and locating RSS feeds to populate secondary pages.

So many domain owners know how to buy great domains but they do not know how to fashion a website the public wants. The money needs to be earned! But Google searches and Bing searches and Yahoo searches for TV shows are stellar every day! Why not be part of that traffic that has to go somewhere.

Right now the searchable keywords for any television show are very clear, the name of the show, the network it is broadcast on, and the character names or the names of significant episodes are all a webmaster needs to know. Putting this together in a basic blog can be the beginning of your own social media success story.

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Google Under the Antitrust Knife?

The news reported in the Wall Street Journal regarding the Google company corporation global behemoth of interlinking departments and divisions was too little too late. Long has Big Google dominated the internet space, where SEO practices are concerned especially. For Google to defend its practices as merely one of several choices is disingenuous.

Google has dominated not only the online search engine promotion and marketing areas of business, but has also generally been responsible for the integration many of Microsoft type business applications in conjunction with their Google access.

Just try getting on Youtube without having to reset your Google password. Google has purposely penetrated the Youtube search engine of video content to enrich its search engine database holdings, at the expense of privacy for Google member users of Youtube.

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There is no option to Youtube with a security parameter except to make a duplicate account upon which to host your audio/video channel or video content. Google has created massive departments of endeavor with each its own director of teams of workers to guide the mastery of the site visitation of a GoogleTube participant.

Big Google is now the Big Brother of Youtube. The appeal of Youtube is less than if it was associated with the multiple marketing levels that Google brings to bear. Why does a company that masters your gmail need to track your Youtube activity? And make no mistake, they are tracking it. Google has launched and promoted more freeware online than any other company, in the size and shape of business and desktop application intended to mimic (and eradicate) the need for Microsoft office Suite product dependence

Google might have had a good case against the antitrust fed warriors, but they have launched heaven and Earth to make themselves Number One, and must answer for those practices. I’m sure Yahoo and Bing and many other fledgeling search engines that have disappeared are watching the antitrust actions against Big Google with interest. But Google has maintained such an outside public profile, especially due to recent squareoffs against China’s online supercompanies, it is hard to accept they might argue their global presence is due to a humble, nonproprietary, unfair market advantage.

The catch-22 of modern business, as Bill Gates will be happy to tell anyone, is that success brings the sniffer dogs of the counter–revolution. federal mandatory concordance to free market enterprises business practices is the ugly undertow following every new wave of fresh success.A more conservative strategy of less rapid growth might have left the antitrust probe depths unplumbed. And with the bulk of the federal brain trust sifting through Google deals, internal correspondence, there may be food for legislative thought.

Except Microsoft Corporation has a proprietary interest in such online desktop business applications as Google Apps provides. Ironically these applications stem from basic computer interface utilities many Microsoft critics over the years have claimed Bill Gates and his merry men stole from other beginner software manufacturers in the early days of the desktop computer. It may be fruit of the poisoned tree that Google adopted this “free-market” clone of the Microsoft Office Suite as its own open access application, in a campaign of online offerings that brought federal antitrust scrutiny.

Want to access a Google apps program? Guess what- you just opened up all your data ad personal computing device security to Google. While Microsoft weathered many legal and antitrust storms by arguing the customization and free application of many of its wares to the online and program computing market, Google seems to be arguing that because a search engine is something that any entity online can operate, a search engines are equally free market enterprise.

Bug it is not news to anybody that all search engine are not alike. Bing does not have anywhere near the following and affiliate advertisement program volume of participants that Google Adsense does. If anything, many domainers and Internet entrepreneurs working in the domain space become uniquely affiliated with Google and Adsense for the length and breadth of their careers, and call it a success. This would not be possible is Google did not have such a stranglehold on the search engine apparatus online.

It looks like being Number One in the search engine stakes may have a price after all. The possibility of a new face in the SEO pace could come from GoDaddy if KKR and friends hatch their chickens at Godaddy’s acquisition table correctly. And why hasn’t FaceBook entered the Search Engine stakes? they’ve got the resources and the users already online 24/7.

Antitrust litigation ain’t cheap. Big Google will likely pass along these costs to shareholders and advertiser customers, which is bad news for the bulk of domainers utilizing Google-dominant SEO marketing strategies. This is good news for competitive search engines without the heavy burden of Google’s overhead or legal fees. Maybe some other search engine will give Big Google a run for its money.

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Domaining Weekly Recap

ICANN switched the June meeting from Jordan to Singapore, proving that (as I have long suspected) ICANN members must have elevated Frequent Flyer miles to enjoy than us common folk. I can’t even figure out how I would look across the aisle to a Middle Eastern person with the polarization of races and nationalities due to world politics at present. ICANN has the resources to hold the meetings online anyway, I am not convinced of the merit of these trips around the world.

Demand Media, a global player in the domain name registrar market, posted fourth quarter earnings and operations financial results. The surprising thing is, the operation of any registrar can be changeable with the market. The time was when everybody was throwing up a shingle trying to be a registrar, outpacing every competitor with gimmicks, clever marketing, and real value. But now you’re likely to see mere templates overlaid with old registrar subcontractors shilling for renewal income.

But Enom, one of Demand’s biggest flagship registrars, still has eleven million domain names. That’s a big chunk of the parking market right there. I’d like to know how many of those names are parked in programs other than those hosted by Demand Media. That might change some of those financial reporting numbers of the parent company this time next year.

Well, ICANN certainly raised a few eyebrows by cutting their sponsorship fee in half. But speculators remember when they doubled it, so it’s hard to feel the love on that. The rising concern over whether or not Triple Z adult TLD marketing and commerce will be appealing, let alone feasible is rising in the mainstream domaining industry. But will the Triple-X TLD bring a new breed of domain name buyers and sellers into the market?

The release of foreign country code top level domains has been an interesting experiment for the domain world, yet most investors and auction analysts still confirm that dot com is king. Generic names now popping up in the ccTLD spaces may be more subject to being targeted by WIPO actions or UDRP arbitration as a nice reward to the owners for their labors. Domainers have to keep an eye on their legal budget and their

I read an interview with the President of WIPO. The contention that copyright and trademark infringement protection is universally applicable eludes even the most conservative of domainers. Witness the endless logroll of headlines which tout cases that follow one case logic one domain name, and another individual set of standards the next. One thing is always a truism, cement the primary base of investment resources in the dot com for best returns.

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So How Many Tesla Patents Are There?

So How Many Tesla Patents Are There? (via Gas 2.0)

Elon Musk has opened the doors to automakers to use Tesla’s patented EV technology. Sounds great, but how many patents does Tesla hold, and what for? uAutoInsurance broke down the patent data, and not surprisingly found that most Tesla patents have…

Continue reading

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