Looking For A Web Host? Use This Advice!

Looking For A Web Host? Use This Advice! (via http://businessmarketingaids.com)

A domain name means a lot when you work in a world composed of 1′s and 0′s. However, the unsung hero of most profitable websites are the web hosts that keep them online twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Powering through the binary battlefield…

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Traffic Generating Techniques

Traffic is the key to a successful website, and a domain, for that matter. The earning potential for affiliates and link sponsors as well as featured ads is a function of what traffic will participate in the lure of services and goods for sale. But so many domainers expect traffic without putting out sufficient incentive. The lure of a site must be established for traffic to evolve in significant numbers.

The time and efforts that domainers will put into domain development varies. The investment some domainers are comfortable making may skip the right name and focus all the marbles on the wrong name. The more names a domainer adds to their stable, the more the effort for each individual name will diminish. Advice can come from all sides, qualified or unqualified, and mean nothing or everything.

Partnership is key to developing domains intelligently. Unless the independent domainer forges ahead with a team of inspired specialists, the registered domain will languish inside the locked vault of the parked page or lie fallow in the doldrums of the hosting account. That’s a lot of wasted  Cnames setups and idling frames redirect records.

These types of scenarios generally increase the value of a domain name very little. Many domainers operate alone, with hundreds of name waiting in the wings undeveloped. Partners can break down the benefits of link promotion strategies and help make decisions regarding text contributions and editoral calendars for content posting. And the main thrust of the impetus forward can be put toward a tangible goal.

Domainers rolling their sleeves up and developing make money. Otherwise so many domain energies are wasted in pointless debates between ad types, website features, or value appraisals that don’t really add to the bottom line. Posting on discussion forums can help a newb domainer learn, but many busy domain portfolio managers are much more concerned with marketing their names to buyers directly.

Sales pitches without teeth tend to be ignored or dismissed outright. The pumps for a domain buy needs to be primed when the transaction is domainer-to-domainer. Just shoving the domain onto the market rarely brings a satisfactory return. Savvy domain shoppers want stats and traffic volume to cement a bid. Without these a domain offering can sound like a desperate Hail Mary pass.

Undeveloped and/or unused domains are a huge waste. The importance of a road map or marketing plan for every domain at purchase is key. At the very least any unused (undeveloped) names should be directed toward a landing page of the domainer’s existing site to bolster traffic for a target name under review for development or sale.

These are the risks of domaining. And the rewards? Huge auction bids, online traffic in cascades of hourly clicks, and ad revenues piling up almost faster than the metrics can add them up. Or perhaps one sale happens with just one very happy bid that makes a domainer’s year. For prurient domain developers, this can be very feasible if they don’t overspend on media buys.

After all the Adwords, SEO, Article Writing, Media Buys, Blogging, Classified Ads, Social Bookmarking, and buzz, a big ticket domain resale is the goal. But not every domain marketing instrument is right for every site. The appeal of a website based on a speculative domain can be a delicate thing to manage or anticipate. Media buys for one audience can work whereas for another domain audience they fall flat.

And that’s just the beginning. There is always the hook of the promotion cycle at the social networking sites, ongoing link building, and negotiating and pitching to joint venture partners. Domainers spend the balance of their time wrestling with their hosting accounts and tugging names from one registrar to another. The most desperate go for email drops and ad swaps, which pose SEO risk for negligible return.

Adwords can work when the site had traffic. SEO is the responsibility of the webmaster. Article writing is a core foundation of any site strategy. Media buy investments like blogging, Classified Ads, Social Bookmarking, Facebook or other social networking, paid link building, and other sponsored appeals for traffic can blend into a nice fountain of online viewers.

Domainers, start your engines and rev up to speed new traffic clicks to your site today!

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Domain Calculation Beginnings

Have you gotten bogged down with everyday activities and missed a prime domain name deleting from your hosting or registrar account? Assigning an old email address, spam filtering, and the wearying upsell chain of emails from your hosting account and registrar can make even the savviest domainer skip any subject lines from those domain auto-generation lists.

Make a spreadsheet or get a small notebook. On each page (or in each column) write down the name of the domain you bought, the place you purchased it, how much, and the expiration date. If you have the Paypal address or the email contact and name of the person who sold it to you, this could be queried later on if there is a contested name change.

If you used an online forum, resales portal or auction house, get the user name and note whether or not the person exchanged proper trader rating data. Selling a domain name can be something that domain owners trumpet to the skies, especially if they made a profit. Following the purchase, Google the domain name to see if any comments (or protests) regarding the domain name sale have been published online.

The domain purchase price becomes the new start value for the domain. Every marketing cost or time investment must evaluated for change in domain value from here on in. Don’t use any other projected values discussed in the negotiation phase of acquiring the domain. Those are not concrete. Your goal is to change this domain name purchase value and increase it until the name can be marketed for resale.

Create  a page in the notebook or spreadsheet for domain traffic and SEO measurements. It is worthwhile to note online metrics generators searches for the name on such and such a date, and tabulate changes at these same generators for the name later on. If you jump around using sweetheart sites to get the values you want, the data validity won’t be as strong as all values over time.

As stated, the domain purchase price is the establishing value. This value can be inserted into a variety of formulas. These formulas can be used to generate reports for domain name auction or resale data later on. By establishing an origin data point for all your domain calculations from then on, you can make a quarterly growth table for all the values. These would be traffic, new user signups, offer inquiries, or ad responses and Google revenues.

The notebook domaining method can be used if you only have one or two domains and don’t feel a need to mechanize the data. But it gets easier as you buy more domains to just add the basic information and let legacy formulas through the sreadsheet take over the work for you. Also, exporting data be  comes easier to cut and paste into a computerized spreadsheet, especially if you are catching up.

Regarding domain name expirations; If you outline the Expiry date in red, or sort regularly once a week to check domain name expirations in the spreadsheet, you do a quick check for renewals due, So, when the panic strikes in the middle of the night your most valuable domain is slipping away through the droplist, you can flip pages or scan the top dates for calmness.

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Surgical Back Linking-the NASCAR view

Linkbuilder newscaster no. 1: live from the SEO Chase we’ve got the top winners risking a penalty lap with a black hat flag ….

(from the track) VROOMMM. There goes a link. VROOOM. There goes another link. *Putt-putt-putt-putt, pitch pitchaoowww.*

(From the booth)  Here comes the domain for a pit stop and that’s 30 seconds Freddy that link was down between marginal backlinks of negligible quality.

Linkbuilding newscaster no. 2: Yeah, Jimmy he’ll need every bit of that Java juice to get that scripted monster back on its PhP horse.

Norm the home viewer expert: That’s a lot of downtime between posts. Can they keep up that site momentum with all these delays?

From the hosting arena: You said it Norm, watch the way the wheels keep spinning between Ezine and Squidoo. What a waste of fuel.

(From the booth) : This is the pedal to the metal, both feet on the floor, NASCAR approach to link building.

Postgame broadcast:
I am seeing a preponderance of link building energy from webmasters of all shades and stripes.

But what I see a lot of more remarkably is every team, crew boss and shot caller making the same decision: throw the entire kit and boodle of web tags and meta entries and see what sticks.

This is an error. What should be done is a surgical insertion of backlinks to precise keyword match websites and urls with secondary associations as needed. Or when the checkered flag comes down the victory lap will be taken by your competitor.

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Domain Optimizing – Increase Domain Wealth

Submitted By: Raaj Kalappuraka

Many domainers easily give up on their domain wealth quest after a few months. This happens due to a low CTR (Click Through Rate) or domain keywords that pay pennies which even when totalled over a month makes little change. Many of us then start blaming the parking company domain page landers or try to lay the blame game on other factors.

Not that I never did, but then, when you take some time to contemplate the problem at hand, you realize that parking companies themselves have their own limitations to help monetize a site. They cannot offer you the ability to create complete websites full of content. Although these days many domain parking services are trying to introduce content packed parking page landers. However, in many cases, the parking company feed provider itself doesn’t wish a parked page to have anything more than the actual advertisements.

We have to remember that these are parked pages, with the sole intention of grabbing the visitors attention and a quick end goal of a click through. These aren’t websites which can hold a visitors interest for a longer time. Keeping this in mind, to win, we have to work within the limitations of a parked page customization options.

Today, many parked pages “ARE” indexed by search engines. So lets learn to quickly make the most of what we have in hand and try to improve CTR’s and revenues.Here are a few vital domain parking tips that can help your parking page lander get the maximum click through by visitors.

1. Be sure to use the title tags.

Your title tag should urge a visitor to execute an action. Words like NOW, DISCOUNTS, HOT OFFERS, NEW, UNIQUE, SAVE etc are attention grabbing keywords that exhort people to action. Use your title tags to maximum benefit. Also, don’t make it too long! Something like, “Save More On Auto Insurance Now!” is long enough.

2. Use meta description tags to add relevant keyword rich descriptions. Remember, every word counts because you have a few lines to make it attention grabbing. Don’t write long meaningless descriptions. A description like ” Explore Super Low Rates on Car Insurance. Choose from Proven Auto Insurance Rate Quotes. Save Bigger on Your Car Insurance Now.” is pretty much what a person looking for cheaper car insurance wants to hear.

3. Your domain landing page colors “ARE” important. Take time to change colors and make your site easy on the eyes. Colors like blue add a touch of professionalism to a webpage. You honestly don’t want your visitor looking for health insurance land on a page that is blazing red colors. However, you might use red color on a sports car site.. It’s all about your keyword, your target audience and age demographics. When in doubt, always stick to the 16 web safe colors.

Keeping these points in mind is the first step to making your domains work for you. Wishing you all the luck in creating bigger domain wealth.

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Don’t Launch Until ….

Ever see a website that has more finish than the product? Ever wish the people that built the website had had a hand in the manufacture of the sale item? This kind of mismatch still has no name, but corporate/product dis-synergy might be a way to express the situation. Webmasters and domainers now engineer entire sites for which there may or may not be concrete services behind it. A brick and mortar store is no longer required for commerce.

Webmasters have cut corners as long as the history of the Internet has been around. This was initially assumed to be the growing pain of new information technology. The beehive of change was at work. Mistakes could be forgiven. But today companies can be their own agencies. With the new media available online, navigating the gray flannel jungle is no longer an issue. Researching the customer means researching what the customer wants.

The Web is now  decade or so old and everyone remembers the first phase of growing pains of almost all the big websites. in fact many brands have repapered over their awkward growth stages with shinier logos, better websites, and more feature-rich platforms at the IP address of note. Selling the product is the effect behind the cause. Everything else is so much hand-waving that real buyers will see past when their checkbooks are open.

If companies  have a poorly received campaign, they can erase it instantly. This can be done overnight online these days. But the carefully created website with an end sum gain in unit sales must utilize top methods for product featuring without causing a letdown when the humble product enters the frame.

In “Lover Come Back”, the brand is product named VIP in search of an three dimensional realization. But sales of virtual wares is completely possible online. The trick is making sure customers get what they want. That’s a tough sell when the product is so intangible.

Today, the Internet is the incubator of change. Colors and light are in the hands of the web architecture artist,and webmasters can revolutionize their look with a minimum of real consumer waste and with an eye to cost. But care should be taken not to overshadow the product and its attributes. Pointing up the products strengths is what websites are for, ideally. But many websites devolve into overlay artistic statements, ad blitzes, or powerhouses of overdesigned text.

In 1961, there was a movie starring Doris Day and Rock Hudson about rival advertising executives that compete to land the big new account with a big firm. They compete to launch a huge new product with a stellar advertising campaign, complete with Times Square billboards and marquee treatment. This is the era of “Mad Men” and how Madison Avenue defined consumerism and the products people buy.

In the film, the actual product does not exist. The competing pair dream up an entire ad campaign to catch the eye of the potential consumer, building to a frenzied fever pitch. At some point the game ends and business intrudes. Then they realize they don’t have to have a great product they just need to produce something to sell. this ends up being candy mints laced with alcohol that make the customers, very very very happy indeed.

How things have changed. Today the company has to produce not only a finite product, but have specifications, tests, consumer panels, reaction reviews, test groups and response surveys. And that’s just in the beta testing phase. The instant gratification of buying a product online is the result of a groomed navigation path webmasters have in mind. Overstepping the product promotion plan is an error that leaves customers wondering what they bought.

Therefore when purchasing web hosting, look for the value adding features like email account setup, blog broadcasts, HTML friendly design with updates that save time executing automatically online. Look at the timeline for a Facebook and Twitter account, and make sure the cart does not come before the horse. Follow the sales cycle through to its logical conclusion without mixing up the marketing pieces up too much.The proof should be in the profit statement.

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When Paypal Spams

In my endless slog of deleting emails that are useless and distracting in my inbox, I was shocked to see  Paypal email that usually signals a banking transaction or some other communication that begs my notice.  Paypal wanted me to know about international services possibilities and some urls they wanted to visit on their site. Are you f-ing kidding me?

I know for a fact I am one of the Paypal customers who have selected opt-out when their pointless self-publicizing emails are concerned. There is no justifiable reason I should be receiving anything from email at Paypal or that url and its origins that is not connected to my personal banking. Paypal is abusing its position as a trusted email sender at this point.

Spam is not banking. It’s advertising. And since they’ve already collected their slice of my earnings, I’d prefer it if they not waste my time.

Be advised this is a full-blown rant from a domainer who is offended that their bank sees fit to use its status as a must-read email source to flog their services. Hint: I am already a customer.

Paypal has no business using their connection to me an an electronic customer to wave their shingle and beg for more fees. Paypal takes a slice of whatever I earn and I have long gotten accustomed to accepting this as a cost of doing business with them. Apparently they are greedy for more fees and this is the  communication they have sent to me, using my email address and name, url links on their site that neither apply to be or my services.

That’s a greedy bank.

Paypal should know better. One of the last things I need to spend my time doing right now is weeding through their pointless “communications” unless they are regarding critical financial transactions and money issues. That’s why I open an email from Paypal. Not because I’m lonely and just can’t seem to find a single site online to look at.

Paypal is getting like Ebay now, where they fill your inbox with things you’d rather not see and daily weigh the utility of still being a customer. I would like Paypal to be a bank and operate like  a bank, and not be weighted down by its need for attention and traffic. Paypal is a site which should wait for when it is convenient for me to go there, and not distract me in the meantime.

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The Father of Name Value Guards His Brand


Trump. One word. Don’t need any more. A fusillage of sound bites, bad comb-overs and Page Six columns from recent memory come to mind. But the T-Rump is having some issues with the debateable power of his name. That is, the negotiable power he can derive from another’s use of it.

The Trump name as a brand has served as a lodestone of gossip, New York real estate scandal and reality TV banter for at least a decade. But currently Trump has the brass to knock his investors and scavengers of his casino empire for a loop. Evidently they think they can co-opt his name while operating the casinos. False! The Donald is here to stay.

What’s in a name? Would a casino by any other name smell as sweet? It’s hard to know how Carl Icahn and the other playboy billionaires plan to reorganize value of the resorts in Atlantic City without the Trump name. And T-Rump wants a thick percentage if they use it.

Check out the Global Superbrand of Trump. Ivanka’s New Book, the Trump Card, is available. My friends, that is a website. A comb-over by any other name would not smell as profitable. In my book, anybody working this hard to promote their name gets the leasing rights.

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Drilling for Mobile Clicks


This is the age of the mobile domain name. Everyone has got not just a cellphone but a smartphone, an Internet portal users can hold in their hands in line at the fast food place, waiting for the movie to start in the theater, and waiting for the kids to come out of school. The mobile domain name website designer needs to feature an app for browsing site visitors to utilize. Just signalling one point on the landing page for mobile users is a start.

Everyone has got a cellphone. Infants and pets have cellphones. barbie has a cellphone and her doll has a cellphone. But not everyone likes the navigation or reduced footprint mobile access to Internet sites offer. My take on the mobile use of websites is that the visitation to any website can enjoy huge traffic bursts as long as there is a unique, standalone, easily navigable application (app). This can build in a number of directions.

I am confronted daily at my local bus stop by people who don’t know when the bus gets there. They are all holding cellphones. The reason they can’t access the local bus routes via internet is that the website for this service (mta.net) is the most bloated internet presence ever constructed. Getting schedule information is a tough dig.

Talk about a bloated online destination. Mta.net is the worst and most overpacked online enterprise I have ever seen, and its schedules are buried under a site map sinking under the weight of too much pablum.  The overdesign of this site reaches critical traffic stalls regularly and the bus schedule I normally use has a permanent error built into its Adobe page split between the 5th and 6th age of my most used bus schedule.

What if I made a website that featured the bus arrival times and schedules for my local bus stops in an easily mobile-navigable format for simplistic mobile phone users to track and access? It sounds like re-inventing the wheel. But if the data owners don’t like their wheels to be accessible to riders, someone else can showcase the wheel and its dynamics.

Navigating an Adobe brochure on a cellphone with a screen size the size of a Lorna Doone cookie doesn’t work for me.  But checking the schedule of the MTA bus route 183, MTA bus route 96, and MTA bus route 222 maps tos a series of clicks which culminate in (you guessed it) the entire multipage bus schedule download. This is awful to tab through on a numeric mobile phone keypad.

But what if a local website hosted these schedules in navigable form so that mobile users could grab their  data while waiting curbside? Furthermore, a fun marketing idea might be to print stickers with this url and slap them on the bus stops so people would get the idea. Instead of worried faces and unnecessary delays, bus riders could access schedules “on the hoof”.

If a vendor or internet source online offers data in an unpalatable format, there is no law that says you can’t repackage that data on your own site and garner the clicks. By identifying bad websites and poorly accessible data, webmasters of would-be mobile features can target a repackaging strategy and spread the word. And domainers promoting these sites may see some tasty traffic.

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Domain Frontiers


Many new domainers coming into the market scoff at the mile high tombstones of the big domain sales. But one reason domainers watch the auctions is to see what kinds of money are flowing to what types of domain projects. The corporate money is what every domainer dreams of. And it still flows to certain names optimized for key domain name markets.

The announcement of the auction at Sedo of a name sale for six figures doesn’t happen every day. But Metal.com sold for $165,000. That’s big money for the long domain investor. Sedo continues to vend big money name sales worldwide. And trading up continues to be the smart advice to long term industry domain name professionals. Because the right name will find its corporate home.

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