Marketing in 2010-The Real Stuff

I don’t know who said it, but the more things change, the more they stay the same. While every web developer in existence today spends their time trolling the forums and talking up their sites, in my opinion the best way to gather new visitors to your website is to rely on tried and true thirty year old marketing methods. Because the tech and site might be new, but the way people interact and communicate is not. And those basic spurs to relating your website name and domain are what site traffic is made of.

Imagine you talk to a neighbor this morning briefly about your new website. This guy has fifteen things on his mind and nods comprehendingly to everything you say. But ten seconds after his Prius disappears out of view, he’ll have forgotten you conversation in the impending rush to take care of the items on his own agenda. But if he reached for a pencil, a Post-It, or a packet of instant coffee with your sites name on it, you’ve become the center of his universe.

In this day and age of ultra-mobile devices, everybody still wants to write things down. They scrabble through their purse, car, briefcase, sofa, anything to find that elusive writing device to jot something down. And later on, in a moment of boredom or metaphysical malaise or general pondering, the text of the url of your domain will reappear in front of their eyes. Those 3 a.m. breaks from World of Warcraft or raids on the refrigerator might give someone a new chance to check out your site.

Maybe it’s a TiVo episode number. Maybe it’s the name of that cool song third from last in the playlist. Maybe it’s the license plate of that guy who just cut him off in traffic. Or perhaps a critical phone number or two. But the universal need for a writing device remains the same. And the beauty of website advertising pencils is that they get passed on and re-used by entirely new sets of eyeballs who also wonder what that suite is about. This can start a conversation about the uses of such a site and build an expectation about what such a site can deliver.

Bumper stickers are the cheapest advertising in the world. This is the perfect solution for clients who cry foul at the cost of any manufactured promotional items. They are also the type of marketing domainers ignore.

Most domain name owners will stop short at actually printing materials or distributing items with their brand on them, even though every website worth its salt cries out to be seen and heard of. But the use of one pad of paper as a quick-and-dirty message pad in a large company for phone messages and reminders can generate a dozen or more unique page views. And these cost about the price of a flavored latte.

For the following example, assume the existence of Hypothetically, if the domain owner of makes a template of a sticker or font size logo for the site,distant marketing contacts can print out their own stickers. The cost of marketing just went down to pennies a day.

That’s when writing the ads for Craigslist to advertise get very easy. When the marketing contact for a given website meets their target goal for their area (say 100), they receive a Paypal payment or Starbucks card charge or mailed gift card in the mail. A website owner with a similar site contacts 100 people who drive on crowded freeways in crawling rush hour traffic daily. It is likely that a bumper sticker featuring the website name would get a lot of eyeballs.

People are bored to distraction during work commutes, any website that looks like fun can be instantly dialed up via smart phone netbook or tablet. At the very least, twenty bumper stickers promoting a website in a given metro market could show targeted traffic. Just handing out business cards on a crowded subway train in a major metropolitan market can earn some great geo-based clicks easily trackable back to the promotion.

These types of promotion will always work in conjunction with the subject matter of the website and the attractiveness of the domain name. Having the site optimized and ready is a absolute prerequisite to any domain name (website) promotions campaign. this makes the distribution of business cards to niche users easy.

A sports site might have a group of business cards distributed at a sports bar. Gaming site cards can be handed out where ever gamers are found (libraries, schools, coffee shops). Shopping websites might be handed out in parking lots or left on car windshields. These are old school tricks for new era traffic farming. And so on. Finding clicks from that niche market just got easy, and doable.

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What Is Google Page Rank?

Google page rank is a complicated algorithm used to determine the importance of each individual webpage on the Internet. It takes time to achieve page rank (PR), but it should be a priority to always be increasing page rank, as it is one of the variables that determines how highly a domain will rank in search results.

Page rank (PR) is one of the many formulas that Google has used to come up with to determine the importance and relevance of webpages on any given website. Page rank can be anywhere from 0 to 10, 10 being the highest achievable number. Achieving a rank of 10 is very rare.

When a website is first indexed by Google, it will receive a page rank (PR) of zero. Over time, if a webmaster works at it, this number will rise. It takes time and a lot of hard work to achieve a high page rank.

In order for a webmaster to build his page rank, he must work on achieving links from other sites with high page rank, pointing back to his webpages on his website. The higher the number of these websites pointing back to his pages, the better, as Google sees these websites as more important.

Another technique used for building page rank is by being active in a community on a forum that is relevant to the website. For example, if you had a website about Chinese cats, you might frequent and regularly engage in conversations on forums about cats or Siamese cats. Once again the higher the ranking on these forums, the better.

Page rank takes a long time to build up. Google does not update page rank on a daily or even a weekly basis. It sometimes takes months for these numbers to be updated to each and every website. But with hard work, resilience, and enthusiasm a webmaster that puts in the work can accomplish his goal of achieving a high page rank.

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Adwords vs Adsense

I was recently asked what the difference is between Adwords and Adsense. It was only just a few years ago that I was asking this very same question myself.


Google Adwords allows you to create an ad and have it displayed on relevant websites for your business. The purpose is to bring traffic to your website when someone of interest clicks on the ad. You can limit your ads to your budget, and only have to pay for running the ad when a person actually clicks on it.

When someone does a search using Google, the ads show up on the right hand side of the browser. You also have the option to have your ads displayed as text, video or images. Another benefit of using Google Adwords is that you can track and analyze your ads, how often they are displayed, how often someone clicks on them, and many other statistics.


Google Adsense allows you to make money by placing Adwords on your website or blog. Each time someone clicks on the ad you make a little money. The goal of course is to get as many people to your website and clicking on these ads. Adsense does not cost any money to have them display on your website.

For both Adwords and Adsense policies are strictly enforced. So if you are to use any of the two, make sure you read their program policies so as not to get banned.

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Basic Online Domaining Skills

Domaining is one of the best things about the World Wide Web. Anyone can do it. There is no ethnic tabu or gender restriction, educational bias or language barrier. The web allows individual users their own path to domaining success. The domain name game is a custom career with no checklist or required curriculum to start or actively participate in online.

Blogging With John Chow

And it is a myth that every domainer webmaster or site designer has to know all the code types and applications administration tasks in the beginning. the learning curve of a domainer is both a challenge and a reward. Domainers make excellent peer advisors. Learning to navigate the basic starting points of owning a domain and promoting it for resale can be the start of many lasting online relationships.

Online web travelers from all over the world use the internet every day to traffic in domain names and related products. Being able to make websites, engineer hosting account setups, and administrate open source applications are some of the skills needed for domain name careers. Hosting account ownership and registrar commerce is a must for domainers. Studying the interactions and execution of domain purchase, registration, transfer and hosting of names and websites are pivotal domaining skills.

A robust Internet connection with some tolerances for crisp security and ISP access is suggested. Facebook access and experience using Twitter is a bona fide asset to any domainer working online today. Niche skills like language or industry core competencies can lift a newby domainer into the advanced level of his group of interested name promoters and owners.

Domaining can be as multifaceted as the individual operator decides their business day online needs to be. Working offline editing HTML code or participation in domainer chat are equally valuable domain name development inputs. Photo editing, graphic design skills, and overall adherence to web standards is a valued set of skills that can become domaining sidelines for other domainer clients.

Basic computer skills and word processing facility is very much utilized in domaining and basically any online editing of text and material. Indexing a numbered list, or formatting a bullet point in the code might be needed one day and then never again. Some spreadsheet analysis may occur using traffic statistics but graphic representation of these reports is commonly available.

People generally want to know what to expect when they break into the domain name game and how the industry works. The individual domainer will produce his own agenda and set his own standards about how their day or   week or month will progress in terms of domain acquisition and resales. Redesigning or editing sites for user ease of use is a common task.

Domainers usually hire subcontractors to get little things like code editing or site patches done, as it is not a good use of their time to learn a skill from the ground up when it can be done by an online domainer professional. The skills domainers learn ramping up in the job make them feasibly able to perform these tasks for others as well. Search engine optimization and link building are almost domain industries of their own.

The schedule of a domainer can be arduous or part time. The domainer can spend all their time scanning drop list auctions, reading technology tutorials, or building social network relationships with other domainers. All can be equally valuable. The underlying trait of a successful domainer is the willingness to learn and the ability to actively participate online in business areas relating to domain name commerce.

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Easy Do Adsense

If you want to profit using AdSense you need to have a website. The good news is that it has never been easier to build a website than it is today. Choosing a domain name will probably be the most challenging thing for you, as all the good names seem to be gone.

Awesome Backend Monetization Tool

Building the content for you site can be a lot of fun if you are passionate about your topic. If this is your first site, I recommend choosing a topic that you like and are very passionate about so that you find it easy to write content and articles.

Choosing A Domain Name

Before you start building a website you will need to choose a domain name. This is not as easy as it once was. Good luck finding exactly what you want, but it can be done. There are a lot of websites out there that can help you brainstorm a good domain name. You simply type in the desired name, and if it is already taken it will spit back some closely related ideas for you to choose from. If you are still unable to find exactly what you want, you still have options. There are websites out there that buy up domain names and resell them. Chances are you will be able to find a good one on one of these sites. The bad news it that you will have to pay anywhere from $50 to $50,000 or more for them. But before you spend lots of money on a domain name, ask yourself if there is another way you can come up with a domain name for less money that will still get you extra traffic. Chances are if you brainstorm, you can come up with a better alternative than paying a lot for one.

Building a Website

Building a website has never been easier. There are several programs out there that can help you do this. It is helpful to know a little HTML and maybe a little CSS. If you don’t, not to worry, you can use something as simple as WordPress, which is free, to get your site up and running. WordPress is one of my favorites, as it is so easy to set up and there are a ton of plugins that you can use to help make your site search engine friendly. WordPress, being a blog posting platform enables you to add content easily as often as you like. The search engines love fresh content. Especially if you add it in a couple times a week.

If you decide that you do not want to create a site using a blogging platform and you don’t want to take the time to learn any HTML, you can always hire a freelancer to build the site for you. There are many sites that allow you to place a job up for bid to have a site built for you. Just make sure you check the feedback of the person before you choose the lowest bidder for your project.

Creating Content

The meat of the site, content! It is the content that you add to your site that is going to drive traffic and make you money. The ads that appear on your site will be determined by the content you display on your web pages. This is what makes making money with AdSense so easy. The ads are relevant to the content on your site. People click on these ads for just that reason, they are relevant to what they are looking for. As for coming up with content for your site, you can either write it yourself or hire a ghost writer to do this for you. You may want to start out writing the content yourself, and as you site revenue grows, pay someone to do this.

Making money with AdSense can be very exciting as you watch your income slowly grow. You can literally make money while you are sleeping. Finding a domain name that you are satisfied with may take a little doing, but with a bit of thought you can still come up with some good domain names that are available. Creating the website is probably one of the easiest steps and can be fun. There are a ton of programs out there that make this step easy for you. Once you have your website built, you just need to write up content for you site and you are ready to go. Just remember that the more traffic you can drive to your site, the more potential money you can make.

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Domains in Repair

I was reading an article about a team of fix it men who post repair guides to their website. The article was about their reverse engineering efforts to discover how a mobile device worked. The online repair guides were developed from the tech team figuring out how the device worked and explaining it to the layman. The high SEO values for repair guides and fix-it searches per device make and model make for a sticky site.

Since the Internet is full of laymen (cough, cough) looking for a way to save expensive repair bills and do it themselves, this idea brings huge traffic. The search queries for how to fix home electronics or mobile devices have grown with the advent of portable technology. Nobody wants to pay a repairman!

Repairing this and repairing that can make for a slew of profitable sites. Just organizing the links to existing videos can make a great site. Keywords and introductions, even reviews of repair and fix-it videos make a successful site model. And the content won’t age. These names can make traffic stats that support a profitable auction resale of the name.

But the focus value should be on a template for development.  The rhythm of successive sites deployed is the goal. Too many  domainers acquire names up the ying-yang and develop none at all. They make the entire website launching process thousands of times more difficult than it has to be. It’s like watching someone starve next to a bunch of bananas, because they are too nervous they’ll peel it the wrong way to get anything to eat.

The marriage of a hot technology and purposeful document available at the site makes for eager visitors. New technology and the use of gadgets people don’t fully understand has become a normal part of everyday life. Also normal is the online access and search for device operation assistance. Those providing reviews, how-to advice, coaching and repair guidance can own a proprietary part of the web and build domain value as well.

But the winning domain development plan does not need to be an actual repair site, but it can be a website addressing any need the visiting site public may have. Figuring out what the public needs to know is the first step,  providing it is the second part, and  figuring how to let them know they need it is the third part. Fourth is massaging the public awareness of the availability.

The keywords to such a site garner various oenatomological approaches. How the domain name word sounds and if it sounds similar enough to what the site is about can matter. The word “repair” should obviously feature right behind the noun. Ideally this would be perfect except that domain speculators have likely taken all those names very early in the original domain real estate gold rush. Buying such a name would be in the five to six figures.

Domains that lead to content rich websites build traffic value that can be used to secure a bid for resale or bolster an auction listing. And the world of video and the inevitable YouTube should shoulder the burden of the hosting. YouTube will be granting $5 million in video blogger awards to its members, and that’s big money for those who have mastered the craft.

Many webmasters invest a fortune in video capable web hosting before realizing they can upload their videos onto YouTube and embed the frame in their lightweight blog. Nabbing a blog app these days is just a borrowed folder with a  redirect, until a better hosting solution comes along. The cementing of a blog’s identity with original content is always going to be the meat and potatoes of any blog.

So, get out those pencils and paper and start mapping a new site plan for your domain based repair site today. Try some morphologies of “fix + noun” or “noun + repair”. Check the registrars to see what’s already taken or what combinations of domain names are involved. Work the how-to video and YouTube coaching craze for all it’s worth. And have fun doing it.

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Domaining Trends & Traditions

Remember all those people who said the domain name game was falling into disuse and only a few big players would or could afford to be around this time this year? Well, all that conventional wisdom can be thrown out the window with a review of the news from the domaining landscaper of today. Some if it sounds new, some it sounds familiar. If it sounds like you’ve heard some of the news before, it means you are a card carrying domainer.

Make no mistake, the big names still govern the world of domains, and when Frank Schilling vends his millionth name or Google tries to partner with Skype, the headlines are about search engine movings and shakings. Yesterday Google was trying to establish specific infrastructure to take over the online world with categorical strategy, yet in the face of antitrust probes Google is suddenly a baby-faced child with no evil intentions whatsoever.

Online privacy has become an increasingly thorny issue, with major hackings taking place one servers in a disturbing frequency of instigation. When the ICE gets involved in domain names and hosting issues, commerce has arrived in the domain sector. The issues continue to make domainers wonder how much say they should have in their own industry. New precedents are being set every day for how domain name portfolio owners should make decisions about their names in the context of laws and ICANN regulations..

ICE claims that because servers are located in the United States, the material and code on those servers operates under American governmental jurisdiction. United States law enforcement has been in the news recently seizing potentially hackworthy servers, which should be more than enough to make rogue coders and sniffer system operators go dark. But does this mean clients of less than savory websites will simply seek out web hosting that is globally redundant? This makes the “redirect” of any webmaster to placing the hosting and domain name on separate servers of critical importance.

Some domaining debates will never grow old. Where does the value potential of country code top level domains really lie? Can peer domain name appraisals and monetization assessments be trusted? Do language barriers between character based alphabet lexicons interfere or enhance search engine results? Does a premium domain sale commission equal highway robbery? How far from cybersquatting is copyright infringement, and how much is a domainer liable for finding out? The argument over the efficacy of parking programs evolves endlessly and further again.

The perspective that domaining is an investment commodity market becomes more concrete when news about domain name sale commissions cloud the actual profit from any resale or auction purchase. Every domainer has to burn through a learning phase where backlink checkers, affiliate programs, web hosting complexities and comparative auction returns get examined. The fact that a modern domain name owner might have to wade through news feeds, purchased clicks, and paid posting is now a norm.

Domainers are now specialists in SEO, short names, numericals, and typo names. The establishment of a keyword domain name or a brandable domain can still make news when it resells in an auction frenzy. Flippa, SEDO, Godaddy and WhyPark are the talk of the domaining town. Traffic and parking programs have gone from performing a sidewalk shuffle to requiring approval to introducing innovative options again. Are domainers the customers of parking companies, or vice versa?

The exotic fringe of today’s practicing domaining professionals dance through a maze of traffic control, statistics manipulation, and illegal practices experimentation.Will the day come when actual Internet “Coast Guards” patrol the Web, actively chasing down smugglers of illegal clicks? International law works well in theory but when does a website operate in international waters?

Domainers may need to become astute in setting the deal terms in place when multiple continents are involved. The good news is that ideas become fresher and minds become more open to new website and domain based concepts as business online every day. Given the success of many nonsense words that became global brands that control online commerce today, the ability of anyone to select and leverage a domain name is now just a registrar shopping cart away.

Who knew that one day the Internet, not the sky, would be the limit?

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Knee Length Dresses

Here is a excerpt from one of my websites.

“The basic skirt and dress are still very popular. Right now there is a movement away from the straighter cut skirts as a whole and a move towards a more A-line cut. The length is also getting longer compared to the mini-skirt length that was so popular in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. For these simple dresses it is all a matter of the colors and patterns. Bold, jewel-like colors are popular. Matching belts at the waist are popular because it helps to accentuate the A-line skirt. Whether the basic, everyday wear dress is a solid, bold color or a fashionable floral print, pairing some statement jewelry will put these dresses right in line with current trends.”

If you want more information on dress styles and fashion please visit the website.

Comments are always welcome here.

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TV Sites: Recipe for Click Success

Think you are too right-angled to forge a TV site? The days of cheesy, gray area TV links and download fears are past. This is not a niche site concept, this is the site everybody and their brother will visit. And Emmy awards traffic could be driving users to your site right now. As the big awards show comes up on the calendar for the best in television programming acting directing and production, savvy viewers want to catch details they missed.

TV sites promote themselves, but even business cards can get passed out on the train bus or wherever you have lunch. What’s the most likely thing you will be talking about people can overhear? When people ask you what show you are talking about, tell them what site you found the information on. Give them a card. No kidding just yesterday two different people wanted to know what TV sites I wrote blogs for. Yes, Virginia, they will come.

Make sure you provide formats for end users looking for TV new and updates. Visitors today are using whatever is nearest when they overhear a conversation or see a Facebook entry about a TV show. Facebook has even expanded its pages to allow a personal blog page for a Facebook group to follow a specific TV show. As everyone knows by know, a website without a social media adjunct isn’t worth anything.

Use are looking for information and discussion about their favorite TV show and the characters as well as the latest happenings. They are using laptop, desktop, tablet, cellphone and Iphones for information. The way to capitalize best is to launch right now. I would be willing to cut my rates in half for a TV site client, it’s that easy to write for. And the payoffs during international searches are to die for. Just keeping a running blog people can Twitter during the Emmy show is real, viral content.

Today the SEO value of any TV site is now is huge with potential. The person who collects the most updated information is the winner of the public’s never-say-die taste for new television related content. The only websites more frequently visited right now than TV sites are gaming sites. And when TV and game site visitor niches interconnect, you’ve got statistics gold.

If you have a TV name in your domain portfolio and you are not developing it right this second, shame on you. Time to roll up your sleeves and get out the hostings passwords because this is the time to make a website about TV shows like there never has been before. Provide some HD video options, connect the site search tools, and rewrite the title bars and you’re already haflway there. Start linking up new streaming site links and locating RSS feeds to populate secondary pages.

So many domain owners know how to buy great domains but they do not know how to fashion a website the public wants. The money needs to be earned! But Google searches and Bing searches and Yahoo searches for TV shows are stellar every day! Why not be part of that traffic that has to go somewhere.

Right now the searchable keywords for any television show are very clear, the name of the show, the network it is broadcast on, and the character names or the names of significant episodes are all a webmaster needs to know. Putting this together in a basic blog can be the beginning of your own social media success story.

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